The correct use of the surgical masks

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Surgical masks are medical or hospital care personnel often wear a face mask, the role of the product has a good defense against infection, many believe the product at the time of wearing is very simple, actually otherwise, if wear the way is not correct, can't protect defense ability. It is important to note when wearing surgical masks, masks should cover face mask, if can not cover cannot have the effect of protection; When not in use should pay attention to not be able to mask hanging on his chest, be careful hand can't pollution masks contact surface, to avoid hand contact, germs, and face masks of pollution in the air, the pollution masks, so that can't be used. If we and direct contact with an infectious person, is likely to be on the outside of the surgical masks with a lot of bacteria, like this kind of surgical masks will must carry on the strict disinfection, is after the mask off, also want to put it in the five percent carbolic acid liquid and half an hour,, or in two percent of the sand's solution to soak half an hour, then wash it with soap and clean; If it's not the way to disinfect, that can be placed in the water boil, cook for about ten minutes to twenty minutes to line, masks on the bacteria will be killed. Relevant tags: medical kits, surgical masks, medical gauze bandage
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