The commonly used two kinds of gauze piece

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Hemostatic gauze piece: early composite functional gauze is the hemostatic gauze. Gauze piece is hemostatic agent ( Such as hemostatic agent S a 100) Processing of gauze, when used in surgery or surgery, with hemostatic effect is through the group, quickly absorb the moisture in the blood, make the blood is sticky stiff, or by activating hemostatic hemostatic substances in the blood and to achieve. Hemostatic gauze in the blood ( Or exudate) Can rapid absorption, swelling, cling closely wound, quickly dissolve and promote clotting factor activation, adhesion of platelets and formation of soft gel protein fiber, advantage of rapid recovery, especially for blood coagulation disorder had significant curative effect. In addition, hemostatic gauze quality per unit area ( G) To more than 309 / m2 and water quantity is not less than 8 ml/g. High water absorbing medical gauze piece: using polyester fiber and blended fiber, high uptake through nonwoven needle-punched reinforcement technology of high water absorbing medical gauze. Absorption of fiber is made up of heterocyclic carbonate and isobutylene and maleic acid copolymer, useful also made of modified acrylic fiber. This kind of fiber gauze water absorption performance is several times higher than traditional gauze, can adsorption and lock a lot of liquid, is suitable for the need to absorb blood, body fluids, urine and other environment. Gauze piece is used for surgical dressing and adsorption wound exudate. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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