The characteristics of the tyvek medical paper

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
特卫强( Tyvek) Commonly known as 'the tear is not bad,' are trademarks of dupont series of sheet products, it is composed of numerous small and highly of polyethylene fiber spinning sticky spun-bonded olefins ( 纺粘的烯烃) , this kind of unique jet spinning technology to produce light weight, and is very tough material. Its advantages include: 1, the thickness of thin, light weight, it is not easy deformation, soft, smooth, light and tenacity, good opacity, combined with paper, cloth, and has the characteristics of thin film; The characteristic of moisture proof, resistance to water damage, excluding glued to agent. 2, the waterproof breathable resistance bacteria, - 73 degrees can still maintain flexibility and high strength; 118 degrees contraction; 135 degrees began to melt. Folding ( Allow more than 20000 times repeated) Collection, flexible cloth ( For a fraction of) , film is smooth, the appearance of the paper ( Half the weight of paper) In one of the features. 3, good biological compatibility, shed no dust, high value-added, high tear strength of packaging, high burst packaging, high power, high resistance bacteria period ( More than 5 years) , high permeability, To reduce the generation of extreme temperature condensate) , more safety. Therefore applied in medical packaging, it is now recognized as one of the best medical packaging materials ( Now for the best medical packaging) in the dialysis material 。 Suitable for class II and class III medical device packaging.
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