The characteristics of medical sterilization bags

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
The characteristics of the high quality of the self-styled sterilization bag automatic sealing, easy sterilization packaging according to medical standards. All the film, with marks of sterilization indicator label. Compatible with steam and dry heat or chemical sterilization. Can provide 4 kinds of size high quality dental disinfection bag, to adapt to the different needs. Use 4 internal multivariate indicator and level 1 external indicator to ensure the sterilization process. Comply with the CDC guidelines about effective sterilization, and for all the variables: time, temperature and saturated steam to react. Security seal and ultra wide chevron seal protection, prevent the bags inside the damage of the goods, and the quality of the porous medical grade paper to meet medical standards. Perforated folding folding gaskets, conveniently and precisely, and to form an airtight seal. A tiny incision, convenient to open the bag. Lead-free, high quality printing ink compatible with a large number of commonly used disinfectants, ensure easy to confirm the sterilization process
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