The cause of high voltage equipment spores test failure

by:Huiya     2020-12-12
From doctors to technical personnel, to the patient, if in the practice of using equipment and hand tools is not correct disinfection, everyone is in danger, that is the law to protect each and every one, test is a mandatory spores to ensure the normal work of the autoclave and the desired level of sterilization method. Article spores in the sterilizer after processing, will be mailed to the monitoring service. Article in the laboratory environment, sterile spores removed from its protective film, and placed in a tube of medium. Then 7 days of incubation. Every 7 days check turbid medium tube. If the spore is alive, not killed, will appear in the culture medium turbidity phenomenon. If no turbidity in the culture medium, sterilization is recognised. Test failure is the most common cause of mechanical failure, but the error. If you didn't pass the spores of autoclave test, it is a good time to staff to check sterilization procedures. Observation is responsible for the disinfection of portable items and instrument technicians, find out the following questions: 1 high voltage equipment is overloaded? The technician in too many items at the same time? Achieving and maintaining the right temperature 2? Temperature: set the temperature control knob, make its reach and maintain a 270 degrees. In the process of 3 cycles regular inspection, to ensure that the temperature fluctuations of no more than a few degrees. Achieve and maintain the proper pressure 4? Insufficient pressure: cavity pressure should be kept in about 30 psi ( Or manufacturer specifications) 。 5 whether to allow circulation run the appropriate time? Time: normal processing cycle varies because of the high voltage equipment manufacturers, be sure to follow the manufacturer's guidelines. Shorten the cycle would endanger everyone, so don't do that. Improper packing (6 instrument In accordance with the manufacturer recommendations) 。 The chemical monitoring using heat-sensitive chemicals ( Not a spore) To evaluate the physical conditions in the process of sterilization. Chemical monitoring involves under a certain temperature change the color of the use of indicators, such as high voltage equipment tapes, bags and bags of special tag, and chemical indicator strip, labels, or packaging. If the chemical indicator discoloration, sterilization? Chemical index assessment only appeared in the process of circulation of the physical conditions ( Such as temperature) 。 When the sterilizer to achieve the required temperature, chemical indicator discoloration; However, it does not show that temperature lasted for how long.
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