The benefits of using disinfecting bag

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Ago, special equipment and consumables bag in green towel, fixed, with duct tape showed that whether items after high pressure disinfection. Just open the kit usually proved to be very troublesome, and really have no way to ensure that even looks a complete kit of aseptic without damage. In a sealed container sprinkled a few drops of liquid, will make exposed to bacteria, at least on the legal responsibility and the procedure is as follows. But that was in the past, now, in addition to the expensive precision instruments can not effectively use disposable equivalent instead of outside, most of the medical and dental facilities now the use of disposable instruments and supplies, for reusable items, tape cloth beam has been largely replaced by sterilization bags. The poor design of the bag is much better than plastic bags. On the other hand, good disinfecting bag in any medical or dental supplies inventory are indispensable constituent, there are some important characteristics, canny buyers will be looking for, and insist on custom disinfecting bag. First of all, a good disinfecting bag side is waterproof plastic, so we can put the instrument or equipment is clearly visible, so before really need it can find any damage it or its contents. Is a semipermeable paper, on the other side with film seamless connection, can transmit high pressure gas, but the pore is small, enough to prevent liquid or air through the spread of pathogens. Finally, the bag must have a fire sealing mechanism, itself is impervious, will allow by pollutants. In addition, the bag must provide a good indication of each element. When the bag and its contents were brought into treatment, or the operating room, its contents must be sterile. If have any missing in each of these design criteria, disinfecting bag will no longer be sterile. In the end, a dentist or a surgeon patient safety depends on the clinic for the guarantee of effective infection control, it depends largely on the disinfection bag design and quality. Patients see medical equipment provider before they open the bag will be safe, because, although the dentist or surgeon probably won't consider these factors when treatment, but see good disinfection equipment or other materials from the obvious seal bag was taken out, is a good way to eliminate the inherent stress of the patient's infection.
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