The basic knowledge of medical gloves

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
1. Overview of medical gloves with high quality natural rubber latex as the main raw material, through the adoption of concreting impregnation method to mold processing molding, dry film products made of rubber. This product divides the hands match for a pair of for use in medical operations. 2. Use general medical gloves as protective equipment of medical surgery, it can protect the hand skin from damage and infection, also can prevent the body by the surgery is not affected by operation is carried by bacteria and dirt are immersed. 3. Main producer and importing country, region, the export production of latex examination gloves origin distributed mainly in: Shanghai, tianjin, jiangsu, guangdong and other places, products are mainly exported to the United States, Canada and Western Europe and other places. Test method: (1) gloves press GB7543 - heavy and light Chase 96 rules will only film inflatable, about double expansion cases with manual inspection. Wrist position available hand stretch expansion method ( Refers to the general expansion) , if found to have defects, can double check at the local expansion. (2) the length of the gloves, Tip of the finger to the wrist in the vertical direction of the total length) And the width ( The root of the thumb palm circumference 1/2) Measurement, it is the product flattening, measured with the mm scale. (3) the thickness of the index is 0. 01 mm rubber thickness gauge measuring thickness of double layer, and then calculate the single layer thickness. Measure the position is a department ( From the middle finger around the top 10 mm) , metacarpus ( Near the center) , the wrist ( From the edge around 25 mm) Three points take its arithmetic mean, but the thickness of the thinnest place shall not be less than 1/2 of the thickest part thickness. (4) gloves physical and mechanical properties test method must be in accordance with the provisions of the following criteria. HG4―874- 84 'the general requirements of latex products physical and mechanical properties test, HG4-875 - The latex products tensile performance test methods HG4 84-876 - 84 'latex products hot air aging test method' (GB/T14831 - 93 'latex products, steam aging test method' 5. Chemical composition test of the main chemical components in gloves refers to the inspection of raw materials, auxiliary materials, such as natural rubber latex, ZnO, EZ and stabilizer 1 # 2 # and stabilizer, specific test methods in accordance with the 'latex industrial raw material conditions and test method of assembly' concerned regulation is carried out. 6. Packaging and shipping of sterile gloves packaging composite membrane seal must be used to prevent affect disinfection effect. Transport pay attention to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp, drench in case of damage on the way. 7. Note the product production equipment continuity is strong, large quantity. So arrange production must be batch production, generally a deputy to ensure continuous production at least hundreds of thousands of varieties control process, reduce loss, improve the quality. To adhere to the first production at the same time, the principle of first sale, avoid stock time too long, affect the quality. Relevant tags: medical kits
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