The application scope of medical rubber gloves and using method

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Medical rubber gloves are a type produced by using latex gloves. In medical rubber gloves in use, higher requirements on quality, not only need to have very good insulation, but also have a good touch. The use of medical rubber gloves range are more wide, such as the following aspects: (1) contact or expected to contact with blood, body fluids, secretions, waste or other pollution, such as blood, venipuncture, wound dressing, cooking blood pollution instruments, a blood specimen, etc; (2) medical staff broken fingers and must contact infectious patients; (3) medical staff contact with open wounds or invasive sterile operation. Clinically, medical rubber gloves is mainly used in surgery. Medical personnel to simple the rubber latex gloves can meet the demand of clinical many: choose avirulent and harmless, odorless, transparent, elastic medical rubber, processed into circular tubular or cylinder, again after a certain processing, endoscopic prevent cross infection can be obtained from safety cases, to improve the condition of endoscope disinfection is not good. Medical rubber gloves when making selection, it is recommended that the manufacturer must choose the regular, and the manufacturer's qualifications after investigation, can buy. Relevant tags: medical cap
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