The analysis of the sterilization bags

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Disinfection sterilization packaging can be divided into two parts: initial packaging and secondary packaging. In general, medical apparatus and instruments product disinfection sterilization packaging refers to the original product packaging, namely direct contact with the product and form a part of the microbial barrier. Ancillary packaging mainly relates to the storage of the product life cycle and circulation. Packaging, design, protection, convenience, traceability and packaging costs related cartons, plastic bags, labels, bar code, printing, pallets and containers, etc. This paper involves only the initial medical instrument sterilization products packaging. The main material of medical sterilization bags is paper poly bags, poly bags, medical grade paper, packing film, ( The tray) Most medical equipment and so on, and the characteristics of the packaging material is tyvek, a 100% high density polyethylene material based non-woven material. Therefore, medical apparatus and instruments sterile packaging is given priority to with soft plastic packaging materials, the important difference is that the medical device packaging materials for very high, in addition to satisfy the protection of the traditional basic packaging performance and isolation of external environment, but also emphasize the material properties of steady, and from the disinfection requirements and compatibility, the way of extension microbial barrier materials, non-toxic, enough to prevent these special request is engaged in general industrial products and food packaging enterprises into the medical device packaging. Production of medical device in relatively fixed and professional enterprises, thus reflected in the packaging design of the medical devices is different also, will notice the bright color and complex patterns, but also can have a display its contents
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