The advantages and disadvantages of medical crepe paper and use requirements

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Medical crepe paper as sterile items of packaging materials, electrostatic, non-toxic, has the good characteristics of sterile barrier, and packaging of soft cotton, is advantageous to the steam penetration, has extensive applicability, applicable to the damp and hot steam, formaldehyde sterilization, ethylene oxide and low temperatures resistance bacteria effect is good, qualified products also have a certain ability to resist water, zhongshan packaging co. , LTD. , the production of high quality medical non-woven fabric sold at home and abroad. Medical crepe paper is the earliest cotton substitutes. Due to the smaller aperture, medical crepe paper is better than cotton microbial barrier properties; Can be directly used as packing material or in rigid containers of the inner packing materials. According to China's health industry norms, sterile items of medical disposable paper bags, valid for one month, the use of disposable medical wrinkled paper sterile items, is valid for 6 months. Medical crepe paper due to the porous arrangement of special formed his unique barrier, can make the media such as steam curved infiltrate into bags, the bacteria and other microorganisms effectively off, so can save a long time against pollution. Wrinkled paper defect is in the clinical work, easy to affected by factors such as damp, sharps prick, so the packaging material is not suitable for the packaging of sharp instruments and heavy equipment.
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