Teach you how to correctly choose medical sterile gauze piece?

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
With the vigorous development of the medical enterprise in recent years, the production of medical textiles in terms of quality has greatly improved. Medical sterile gauze piece on the materials, with first-class non-woven fabrics, this kind of good raw material comfort, quality of a material soft, strong elasticity, toughness is strong. If the method is not correct, the choose and buy is likely to buy the unqualified products, we will feel uncomfortable when I was in use, and even affect its sterile effect. Since the method of choose and buy is so important, what should we do? 1, before the purchase of medical gauze piece to see the appearance of the product, whether its soft, colour and lustre is pure white, tasteless, does not contain other impurities fiber; 2, you can put it in the ultraviolet light, and if it shows strong blue fluorescence is life they contain other substances; Please read carefully before using the caption on medical gauze piece of packaging and packaging, because medical gauze piece is usually divided into sterile and nonsterile two, before use, please understand. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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