Teach you how to bandage method

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
1. Ring method: this method is much used in wrist, body weight equal parts. The first will be overlapping annular coil bandage. The first lap around slightly oblique; The second and third ring ring, and inclined out of the corner of the first lap will pressure within the annular ring, tail with sticky paste finally fixed, can also be cut into two head, tail and knot. 2. Serpentine method: this method is used to more fixed splint. Put a bandage by number of annular winding circle. According to the width of the bandage interval Angle with wrapped around or next. 3. Spiral method; This method is used to more body weight is the same. According to the first ring winding several times. Cover before each circle on a third or two-thirds spiral. 4. Screw the twists: this method application body thicknesses. According to the first ring method. To be bound to the gradually thick, will each lap bandage reflex, covering before a third or two-thirds. In this by the shangdi. Note 1. Good bandage main point is, don't too close, not too loose. Or it will cause poor circulation or loose not secured gauze. If there is no experience, after good bandage, look to the cool body distal, edema, and so on and so forth. 2. Knot, not over the wound, also not behind the body, so that when you go to sleep down uncomfortable. 3. In the absence of bandages and must first aid cases, towels, handkerchiefs, bed sheet (available To tear into a narrow strip) , and their nylon socks instead of bandages. Relevant tags: medical kits
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