Taking any materials in operation procedure: first is when to start the application

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
Hope you through the introduction of this paper, analysis of the main raw material can be adopted for sterile gown, etc have certain knowledge and understanding of the content of the below follow zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. Look at some of the related content abstract with the experts of disposable surgical clothing is a doctor in the surgery to wear clothes, the product is refined by nonwoven fabric as the main raw material. And have good air permeability, bacteria resistance, water resistance. The design of general design is on the neck and the waist have two bags, wear is anti wear, will strap fastened, put on gloves. Wear disposable surgical clothing is isolated from the main function of germs, prevent infection, can protect the doctor to be infected and this will not cause secondary infection for patients. Clothing should keep smooth in operation, and don't have a loophole, the phenomenon such as stains, if there are these problems, cannot use, uniform sewing needle and thread, sewing place not allowed burrs, etc. Before use, to check the packing is in good condition, sealing, no leakage, can withstand the normal transportation and storage, and to confirm the guarantee period of the effective product in the effective use of time. Disposable surgical clothing making strict quality testing, when you need to ensure that the product qualified before they can sell, placed in a place without corrosive gas environment, low relative humidity, temperature is suitable for surgery, main raw materials used in sterile gown analysis well ventilated. Recommend you to read this article: the beginning of the 20th century, nurse and surgical suit together at home. Later with the progress of the society, the nurse uniform color and design also constantly improving. For nurse clothing is the traditional red, and our country social customs is not white, red to avoid, for the people, therefore, the color of the selected become the main problem of original nurse's uniform. So female nurses to pink dress, men are born with blue gown. Braids when the time is in popular, female nurse hair tied a red rope, appear very novel. Most parts of China customs, with a white head as the mourning, therefore, have much to wear with the nurse cap be united hard at that time. Outmoded conventions and customs of 20 s, as some break, the nurse cap assigned to the noble meaning, such as the symbol of nurse nurse cap noble career, and the significance of health and happiness, then the nurse cap to wear with a routine, and only formal nurses ability to wear cap, ability is qualified to work for patient care. But the male nurse on nurse hat wearing no special want to beg. At that time our country the nurse school clothing because of customs and the difference of climate can't unity. But on the design of the nurse clothing styles are in serious, serious sterile and nurse care surgery began to appear in the domestic the Lord; because nurses in China there are many people don't understand, if the dress strange, funny must cause the public discussion and contempt. So. Nurse clothing should reflect not only beautiful, generous, clean, fit, should show the important role of the nurse and composed and calm temperament. That period the difference between hospital nurses and nursing students dress style, the same color. Graduated from nursing students is blue, the nurse is white. Nurse dress, the color of the demands of its, shoes, socks, pants are all white or black, and the nurse besides wear the nurse will special pin, a law is not allowed to wear jewelry. In 1923, the union nursing nurse dress instead of the light blue shirt and white skirt, head wearing a square shape nurse hat, this simple but elegant and delicate nurse costume, make the person instrument is special, at that time a student nurse, clothing and temperament attracted a lot of young women in nurses. In 1926, the eighth national nurses congress, the delegates to discuss and approve of both men and women nurses should the nurse cap and the corset. At that time, Beijing's hospital nurse sample for uniform: short white binding, outer garment length waistcoat ( The southern vest) Nursing students long shawl is blue, the nurse suit is white. The nurse clothing easy to do easy to wash, but the nurse suit cuff is too big, is not convenient for work, and even the bottle from the medicine on the shelf, for surgical operation especially convenient. 'Main raw materials used in sterile gown analysis' as described in content, are our authors carefully prepared for you, do you remember what I said in a previous Posting? Some of these are probably not comprehensive, we will be in a future article suggests one by one to you
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