Systematic review about the surgical drapes and gown

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Operation in the process of using sterile surgical drapes to prevent contact with the surface of the table, and keep the environment, equipment, and surface in patients with aseptic environment. Similarly, in the process of operation, sterile gown to wear on the team doctor, in order to keep sterile operation area, reduce the risk of the spread of pathogens to patients and staff. Gown and surgical drapes are made of multiple or single materials used. In these two categories, each kind of design and performance characteristics has considerable differences, it reflects the economic, comfort, and special operation required need to weigh the degree of protection. In the process of operation, if the drapes material is wet, will increase the risk of pathogen transmission. Used in surgery, therefore, multipurpose surgical drapes and gown or a single purpose material should be able to prevent liquid penetrant. Reusable materials are usually made of different and/or knitted cotton knit fabric, or other may be blended with polyester and/or chemical treatment of fabric. These products must be durable. Disposable surgical drapes and gown is usually made of synthetic materials and/or natural materials of non-woven fabric, may be treated with chemicals. After completion of surgical site preparation, using medical nonwoven surgical drapes on the patient's skin, ordinary drapes or dipping have antibacterial agent ( Mainly iodine volts) The drapes. The film adhesion on the skin, the surgeon cut skin, to cover it up again, in theory is regarded as a mechanical and/or microbial barrier, away from the skin and prevent microbial migration to the surgical site. Published in 2014 the American society for healthcare epidemiology ( 谢伊) / the infectious diseases society of America ( IDSA) Guide to suggest, no antibacterial properties of composite drapes should not serve as prevention of ssis 8 conventional strategies, at the same time, the national institute of health and health care ( NICE) In 2008 published a guide, it is recommended that if you need to compound cloth drapes, iodine volts impregnated cloth should be used.
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