Surgical Packs

Our custom Surgical procedure packs are usually composed of large wrapping drape, surgical drapes, and paper-plastic bags, and other surgical accessories are added according to surgical requirements. The surgical drape is the core of the entire surgical kit. Based on many years of foreign clinical experience, the design concept and production process of the surgical drape is more in line with the actual needs of surgery, and it can more effectively protect patients and medical staff. It has good water resistance and breathability. Good performance, good flexibility, less flocculation, anti-static, anti-alcohol, anti-plasma, anti-oil, and so on. For clinical medical staff to block and protect the blood, body fluids, and secretions of infectious patients during surgery.

custom the disposable surgical packs/kits are centralized, reducing the time for preparing surgical materials and collecting various materials in medical institutions; the surgical kit is a one-time use product and cannot be reused after disassembly, effectively preventing cross-infection; the surgical kit is also convenient and convenient. Reliability greatly improves the work efficiency of medical institutions. EO sterilization and medical-grade materials also allow patients to use it with peace of mind, welcome to huiya madical to custom surgical procedure packs.

We are a professional manufacturer of custom surgical packs, welcome to make an appointment to order.

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