Surgical medical device classification

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Healthcare is one of the best innovations in surgical instruments, there are different types of surgery and clinical application of surgical instruments, in this article, we will look at different types of surgical instruments in modern hospital and clinic treatment program. Surgical instruments are used to perform a specific action in the process of surgery or surgery tools. It can be used to modify a specific organization, or cut the skin, such as internal operation. These tools were invented in the 90 s, to help doctors and surgeons to operate on the patient. Today, several types of surgical instrument has been applied in medical field. A few used for general purposes, and the rest used for specific treatment program. Used in medical equipment industry has a lot of role in medical equipment in the operating room, as I mentioned earlier, most of the tools used in the specific operation. To be careful to use these very sensitive medical equipment, well-trained doctors and doctors can use. The classification depends on the certain mode of medical equipment, for example, the name of the medical instruments reflect its operating purposes, and some was named after the name of the inventor of the name of the tools. Accurately, surgical instruments to help surgeons and technical personnel for their respective surgery and medical operation. Surgical instruments there are several types and categories. The following is the most commonly used tools and their USES in the medical industry. 吗? Tractor: it is a common used in skin incision surgical instruments. This kind of medical equipment is also used for surgery tools in the process of the open group and ribs. 吗? Mechanical cutting machine: this kind of equipment is used for the surgery operation in the process of cutting of the skin and bones. A scalpel, bandages, file, the lancet, trackers, is rarely used in the modern modern medical surgical instruments. 吗? Mirror and spreader: these tools are used to find the incision or narrow passage. 吗? Dynamic medical equipment used in the surgery: used for surgery very little power equipment, such as skin section, drilling, etc. 吗? Measuring equipment, measurement equipment is used to measure the size of each part of the human body or measuring tumor. The measuring device is used in the operation calipers and ruler. This tool to help surgeons to find accurate measurement conditions. 吗? Ice skates, ultrasonic organization destroyer and cutting laser constitute a class of medical equipment. Here are some more surgical instruments used in modern surgery. 吗? Gripping device? Occluder and clip? Stereotactic apparatus, locator and jammers? The suction pipe? Optical carrier and mechanical and electrical equipment? Tyndall all these tools are used for a particular surgery to assist surgeons successfully completed their operation.
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