Surgical draping method

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
1. Skin wipes the shop first cover around the incision with 4 pieces of sterile towels, 1) The sterile towels ruffled 1/3, 1 ~ 3 piece of sterile towels ruffled towards assistant, 4 piece of towel folding towards themselves, and in order to assistant. 2) Shop assistant took the folding of the sterile towels, respectively in incision below, above, to the side and their side. The inside edge of each piece of cloth from the incision line within 3 cm, laid the drapes to be a little adjustment, only allow you to move from inside to outside. 3) Four Angle of surgical towel cloth towels clamps live show incision part respectively. Now the clinical use of sterile plastic film paste, skin incision after the film adhesion on the edge of the wound, still can prevent the remaining bacteria on the skin in intraoperative into the wound. 2. Single will spread in the operation in two pieces of sterile respectively on the incision of the shop, below. Spread towels need to pay attention to avoid our hands or fingers touched not sterilized items. 3. Shop operation hole ChanJiangYou big hole of caesarean section of incision, short end to the head, the long side to the lower limbs, from top to bottom, respectively first, expand the folios in big, in order to avoid pollution. Require short end cover anesthesia rack, long end cover instrument trays, and foot end should be lowered over table edge on both sides of 30 cm.
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