Surgical drapes AST practice standard ( A)

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Practice standard by east China normal university education and the professional standards committee to formulate, and approved by the board of directors of the east China normal university. Effective date is April 13, 2008. AST formulated the standard practice to support health care facilities to strengthen best practices related to the surgical drapes. Recommendation is designed to provide an outline of the surgical team members can use it to develop and implement policies and procedures of the surgical drapes. Is the premise of this standard is put forward, medical institutions have a responsibility according to the established rules of medical institution, formulation, approval and establish policies and procedures of the surgical drapes. The basic principle of the following is related to the surgical drapes practice standards. Is the main purpose of the suspension surgery patients to patients with surgical site and other parts of the body isolates and nonsterile parts of the operating table, drapes as endogenous and exogenous sources of pollution, especially the endogenous pollution, As the source patient's skin flora) , both of which combine to reduce surgical site infection ( SSI) The risk. Drapes will not only help protect the surgical site, at the same time expanded surgical technologists certification ( CST) And sterile surgical team construction. In nursing in surgical patients, trailer is a kind of normal operation, therefore, practice standards involve factors include the choice of suspension, the suspension characteristics, disposable and reusable, and general suspension guide. All members of the surgical team should participate in the formulation and implementation of medical facility policies and procedures related to the drapes. Practice standard I can only use sterile drapes sterile area. 1. Drapes in the operation area and may form a barrier between microbial sources. Microbes from district into the sterile sterile area migration and pollution minimization, method is to isolate incision site, use sterile drapes to create sterile area. 2. Drapes to protect patients from their skin flora ( Endogenous pollution) And members of the surgical team and the environment ( Exogenous sources) The damage. 3. Drapes must according to the American national standards institute ( ANSI) And the American association of advanced medical instruments ( AAMI) A proper disinfection. Drapes disinfection methods including but not limited to radiation, steam and ethylene oxide. 4. Sterile surgical team members may not contact contact with sterile under the overhang of contamination on the surface of the surface. Drapes once in place, you should not move again. The top of the furniture, such as or surface, back surface, side is considered to be sterile, hanging on the edge of the following is considered to be sterile drapes part. To move a fold of sterile part can be into sterile area, and cause pollution, may also transfer the microbes to sterile area, make the patient is at risk of infection with SSI. 5. Sterile team members should be less as far as possible with drapes. 6. When dealing with trailer before patients, they should not be allowed to expand. 7. Assistant doctors and surgeons in suspension surgery should be away from the table or bench, to avoid the pollution of the sterile gloves and gown at the front. '8. CST, CFA and the surgeon when draping surgery should not be over not covered or not covered the table. When four towels to the surgeon or preliminary flat CSFA earnestly, CST should be standing or the same side of the table. CST, CSFA and surgeon in the cover sheet to the patient, should through the 'buckle' hands to protect wear the sterile gloves hand against pollution. 9. Use no hole towel clip fixed towel or drapes. 10. Use reusable drapes, should refer to the manufacturer about the maintenance of the drapes and reprocessing. 11. At the end of the operation, should be properly using disposable and non disposable pollution of gauze. Drapes should be placed in the biological hazards identifies waterproof bag.
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