Surgical drapes AST practice standard ( 3)

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Physical standard VI team members should be based on the following factors and characteristics to evaluate the curtains. 1. Draping material is easy to operate, should have certain flexibility, and as much as possible in order to conform to the outline of patients and or table. 2. Drapes, especially curtain made of reusable woven materials, should not contain dye, detergent residues toxic substances. 3. Drape material should have a limited memory. When evaluating drapes, team members should assess the American society of testing materials ( ASTM) The information provided. 一个。 ASTM developed F1670 and F1671 two tests, to evaluate the fluid of surgical nonwoven fabric and woven fabric and microbial barrier. B。 When team members to evaluate drapes, manufacturers should provide information associated with these test results. C。 AAMI and the food and drug administration (fda) confirmed ASTM test was to evaluate the surgical liquid and microbial barrier to the ultimate test of the organization. Physical standard VII made of reusable woven fabric drapes should be the same as the one-time use disposable non-woven fabric barrier properties. 1. Thread count and chemical treatment to determine its shielding performance. 一个。 It is recommended to use the yarn number is 270 or 280 of woven cloth as sterile drapes. B。 Suggest to chemical processing of woven fabric, increasing the barrier property, used as sterile drapes. 2. Should establish A set of monitoring fabric drape material processing A number of systems. The cleaning and disinfection of the woven fabric again and again, reduce the blocking effect. B。 Should record use frequency, number of washing times and sterilization, in order to monitor the effectiveness of the fabric as a barrier. After about 75 times to treatment, high count yarn woven fabric shall be regarded as invalid. 3. The curtain of reusable visual inspections must be conducted before the sterilization A. For a small hole on the fabric or thin stretch area, can use the same type of suspension material patch. The patch should be heat sealing on the drape; Must not be allowed to use sewing repair the drapes. Physical standard VIII when need to use laser surgery process, treatment should take appropriate precautions when using the drapes. 1. Team members should consider using aluminium curtain. 一个。 There is no a drape material is 100% of laser shock resistance. B。 Sterile surgical team members when patients trailer should take appropriate precautions, including the outline of surgical site with a wet towel. About the safe use of laser, please refer to the AST practice standards. Physical standard IX operating room in the process of using the choice of the curtain, should by team members. 1. Surgical team members should be involved in are considered for the evaluation of the curtain of the operating room. 一个。 It is strongly recommended that team members in the process of evaluation reference AAMI file - 11 B no. 1994 technical data report. In the process of evaluation, also advise team members reference ANSI/AAMI file the protective clothing and protective liquid barrier properties and classification of the curtain. C。 Recommended assessment team members all kinds of manufacturers of curtain, including review manufacturer's documents, to verify whether they meet the ANSI/AAMI barrier performance standards.
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