Surgeon: why do you want to wear surgical gown what are the characteristics

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Surgery doctor why wear dress gown what are the characteristics of the whole process of operation for non-toxic sterile, this is in order to ensure the safety of life and make the patient's request. Surgical operation doctor before getting into the operating room will later enter, all armed isolated clothing, hats, masks, plus the disinfection process to ensure the operation of the whole process of non-toxic sterile. Hospital ordinary work clothes would include requirements for the doctor, neat and clean, cannot have a fancy design, color and so on, the purpose is to let the doctor this industry appear more professional. Higher request for surgery clothing, because the operation procedure of the doctor, is likely to be on the operating table is several hours, or even ten hours of time, such a long time how to safeguard the doctor can work normally? If the operation take just a casual clothes, doctors can always work over ten hours? First wear up to the requirement of surgical suit no discomfort, secondly to make don't hinder the doctor for normal operation, then the operation take to safeguard relatively quiet, no pollution, it is important to the patient's protection. Hospital to the doctor's surgery take request actually far more than these, such as the doctor will not carefully operation suit to rub the outside the ground or other items that need to be replaced immediately. Such strict requirements is to ensure that the basic operation smoothly, and therefore the surgery will take on the choose and buy of the hospital looking for professional manufacturers custom-made surgery, surgery doctor: why do you want to wear the purpose is for the sake of safety. At the time of surgery, inevitable requirement paramedics, wearing special gown. In choosing a gown, to be safe, must guarantee clothing, hundred sterile, thus to be relatively strict sterilization, and disinfection processing, thus ensuring, thus achieve protective effect. Its basic material, non-woven fabrics, mostly through a series of disinfection processing, to use, its usage, more for one-time use, to ensure the health. After all, such clothing, health is very important, so as to effectively avoid operating table brigitte jun infection. Keep the environment clean. And a lot of doctors, need to spend a lot of time, surgery, so clothing dressed in a long time. So we need to ensure clothing wearing more comfortable breathe freely. After all staff in the time of surgery, every moment of the day is in a state of very nervous, so they must ensure that the wearing comfort, and can effectively prevent the torn clothes, or cause unnecessary wear phenomenon. Wear in the winter time, can very good resistance to static electricity. And for some chemicals, and bacteria, can have very good against the effect. And clothing color, is blue blue more, so bring a person a kind of quiet and serene visual effects, very suitable for the operating table. The above 'doctor: why do you want to wear surgical gown what are the characteristics of' this content is about the introduction of surgery doctor: why do you want to wear suits. Relevant tags: disposable gown price, disposable gown manufacturer, disposable gown factory
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