Sterilization of surgical instruments and equipment

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Surgical instruments and equipment used in various kinds of surgery, they may contact with biological materials, in many cases, these materials may be infectious. After each use sterilized surgical instruments and equipment correctly, needs to keep sterile working environment, not contaminated, prevent the spread of disease among people and animals. Below is after each use of surgical instruments, whether contact with any contagious or material, should be carefully follow a series of methods. This standard operating procedure is not recommended for sterilization of medical waste treatment, the treatment should be consistent with medical waste management plan, the plan includes specific legal requirements to sterilization of medical waste. Proper sterilization process: the repeated use of the instrument should be placed in a bag, can be sealed and to keep sterile after high pressure process. First cleaning surgical instruments must use warm water and mild detergent or disinfectant, and then put equipment in a transparent plastic bag for high pressure sterilization, because it can remove all the macro pollutants, such as residual tissue, blood and fragments. If known macro infectious materials or organization, the instrument shall, first of all, in 10% of bleach solution soak for 20 minutes, then wash the autoclave with detergent or a disinfectant. 1. Open all surgical instruments and disinfection in open position. Hemostatic, clip, and any other use of ratchet mechanism or metal on metal ( Such as scissors) The equipment. Keep equipment in locked position. 2. All instruments should be placed in the autoclave, overloading autoclave is not, in order to make all areas of steam to instrument. 3. At any time shall comply with the safe operating procedures of the pressure cooker, only an appropriate pressure cooker procedures training people should use the equipment. Safety operation procedures should be posted in the vicinity of autoclave for inspection. 4. A visual indicator should be used to verify whether conform to the requirements of the specification. Article suggests using autoclave test, because they are calibrated according to the specific temperature, expressed as a visually run successfully. 一个。 Article instructions should be placed in a transparent plastic bag, with equipment for high pressure sterilization, the results indicate clearly visible. With a tape fixed tape on the inside of the bag, it will more convenient. b。 Suggestions on the sealing bag cover autoclave tape sealing. Tape showed an autoclave bag of, and at a reasonable level of assurance that bag since the autoclave is not open. If tape breakage or tape don't show high pressure sterilization, sterile bag it should be replaced. c。 Once use bag is opened, it should be discarded paper tape. 5. Each autoclave cycle should be recorded on the autoclave log. Autoclave should also in the circulation of autoclave tape recorded history. If the existing autoclave log is not available, then provide a sample log at the end of this document, all records shall be kept. 6. Should use biological indicators (each month BI) To prove that the normal function of the autoclave. In frequency, when you develop any of the following, should use BI: a. When using a new type of packaging or pallets, b. C after maintenance or repair of equipment. After the loading of any change in the program. 7. BI is used to validate the sterilization process shall comply with the requirements of the CDC. Should use positive contrasts BI BI batch test after sterilization of the BI. The positive control should grow, which indicates that the BI health, negative control should be no growth, suggests that the sterilization success. BI test results shall be recorded in the autoclave log. 一个。 Biological indicators should be in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations incubation for 3 - 48 hours, to determine whether to grow. 8. Article priority should be given biological indicator, not containing liquid glass pot, because when the fracture increases the risk of sharp, and in front of the train has overflow cultures or the risk of compromising its sterility. 一个。 When feasible, should by high pressure sterilization hatching control as soon as possible. 9. Thermometer should be according to the years for correction and put on record, to ensure that the actual reach the set temperature. If existing calibration log is not available, then provide calibration log at the end of this document. All records shall be kept. 10. Use of autoclave sterilization surgery equipment should use the following parameters. 一个。 121 ° C to 125 ° C b. 25psi c. 15 minutes ( Exposure time)
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