Sterilization of medical institutions

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Sterile products delivery to patient care depends not only on the effectiveness of the sterilization process also rely on product design, decontamination, unpacking and into the package, loading, sterilizer, controls, disinfectant quality and quantity, as well as the proper circulation, and other aspects of post-processing equipment. Health care workers in special disinfection room cleaning, disinfection and sterilization should be made for patient care, in order to more easily control the quality. Sterilizing room orderly is the purpose of dealing with medical and surgical instruments, in order to protect the patients from infection, minimize the risks of staff at the same time, and we reserve the right to the value of the goods is to deal with. Health care facilities should be promote in other areas, For example, the operating room, respiratory therapy) Prepare equipment efficiency and safety level, and sterilizing room at the same approach. To ensure the consistency between the sterilization practice needs a comprehensive program, to ensure that the operator's ability and right way to clean and packaging equipment, load sterilizer, sterilizer, and monitor the whole process. In addition, in the hospital and outpatient facilities all patient care environment, from the perspective of preventing infection, care must be consistent.
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