Sterilization equipment operating instructions

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Medical devices are usually defined as equipment, tools, machines, or materials, is used to diagnosis, treatment, monitoring, prevention of disease and health or disorders. According to the use of medical equipment, medical equipment can be divided into sterilization equipment, anesthesia, cardiovascular devices, etc. Medical devices can be used alone, can also be combined with other items. For example, many instruments can be used together with the disinfection and sterilization equipment. Sterilization is refers to the bacteria, bacteria and other medium, surface, or on the transmission medium from equipment was damaged in the process. Normally, sterilization is through the use of chemicals, radiation, high temperature and high pressure. Disinfection is an important part of health care. This is because the sterilization can ensure that enter human body any substance is sterile and not carry can spread. In the absence of appropriate disinfection, the patient always face the unnecessary risk of infections and other hazards. Especially in the current situation, continue to use equipment and an influx of patients may lead to bacteria. Some instruments and other goods belongs to the category of disinfection equipment, autoclave is one of the most widely used equipment, they use high pressure sterilization, they also referred to as the converter. The device allows health care professionals to many objects in disinfection liquid and instruments. In general, autoclave sterilization by using 15 minutes of the holding time. Pressure of the pressure cooker is a simple and convenient equipment, can against fungi, bacteria, viruses, and spores. Disinfection equipment on some important products include disinfectants, cleaners and instrument lubricants, disinfection solution and CSR package. To the surface of disinfection, must follow certain principle of sterilization. Make an object, sterile, scrubbing the object or simply let it is not enough to accept high speed water flow, use detergent is not enough to kill bacteria, even through this process can remove dirt and grime. This is why using the right and disinfectant disinfection solution is very important. There are different kinds of disinfectant on the market, before purchase the sterilization equipment, must consider the different factors.
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