Sterilization equipment: high pressure sterilization

by:Huiya     2020-12-12
Health care professionals and patients is more and more attention to the spread of deadly diseases and complications caused by pathogens spread through medical apparatus and instruments, in recent years, more and more medical institutions to focus on the infection control. Proper disinfection can prevent medical apparatus and instruments of microbial contamination, protect patients and physicians from a variety of infectious diseases. Instruments can be high pressure, high temperature and irradiation, in the form of chemical solution and sterilization. Sterilization equipment: different types of pressure cooker is a kind of high pressure equipment disinfection equipment, used in hospitals, clinics, beauty salon, tattoo parlors and perforation using instruments of disinfection. The basic function of the device is to kill the pathogenic microorganisms. Pathogens through will be very hot, in the role of extreme pressure and steam placed in the instrument of the sterilizing indoor and killed. Indoor pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure often 15 pounds ( Lb) / inch. However, to achieve the total time required to complete sterile depends on the size and the type of material used items. Two different types of autoclave is: downward displacement underneath type autoclave, also known as gravity type sterilizer. It USES a heating element to heat water and generate steam. Steam is lighter than air, forced sterilization indoor air moves down. Finally through air disinfection drain out of the chamber. When the temperature in the cabinet enough, shut down automatically, sterilization process begins. Positive pressure displacement under the sterilization equipment is the improved version of autoclave. It USES a separate room to create and maintain steam. Once the accumulate enough steam, it will be in pressure blasting is released into the sterilization device. This force air through the drain discharge, and start the sterilization process.
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