Sterilization bags

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Opened the sterilization bags, if any part of the film is still attached on the paper when open, the sterilization bags is considered pollution, have to disinfect. Stick on the paper thin film has been exposed to the air, as long as the bag after disinfection should have been preserved. If any item is picked up with contact paper, are thought to have the pollution. In the medical industry, thin film and the complete separation of paper is necessary, but little is known about the dental industry. This is why many sold to the dentist's bag can't sell to the cause of the health care industry. In order to test the quality of your bag, only in disinfecting bag pincer-like device film is separated from the paper, a hand holding thin film, another hand holding the paper, and then entirely separate. If there are any film paper, repeat this process with another bag. Another important factor is that there is no industry standard to determine the size of the bag. In many cases, a company's 3 1/2 level x 9 bags than another company's 3 1/2 level x 10 bags as large as or even more. The size of the available space is the most important thing. Measurements from the inner seal the inner seal available width, as well as from the end of the film to the interior of the bag did not open the sealing length. These measurements are very important. Choose the size of the objects and shapes the best match with disinfecting bag. Beyond the scope of a small bag may be sealed strong enough. Any error in the sealing interface may cause gaps in the key areas. Instrument sterilization is one of the most key link in dental clinic. The price is also very important, of course, but you use the bag also should be as important as quality, consistency, and specifications. Not only do you protect your patient, is also to protect you.
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