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by:Huiya     2020-12-12
Sometimes items need to be disinfected before work to work, but sometimes simple disinfection sterilization. For example, if you are brewing beer, before joining the organic material such as sugar and yeast, must be disinfected equipment for you. In this case, do not need to disinfect, because in the process of beer fermentation will not produce pathogens. Simple cleaning can be carried out on the kitchen disinfection, but short of sterile standard. Medical institutions, hospitals, clinics, research facilities, pharmacy, dental clinics and other health related services using aseptic operation, to ensure that the equipment and instruments from the pollution of harmful pollutants. The most common practice is to use high pressure steam pressure cooker at more than 120 degrees Celsius temperature keep item 15 For 20 minutes. In some situations using high temperature and short time, but the principle is the same. Chemicals and dry heat also can be used as a sterilizing agent, but these methods do not apply to certain applications. Disinfecting bag is used for packaging of individual items, and then use steam or chemical processing. Packaging materials must be compatible with the sterilization method used. Medical packaging manufacturers use plastic, paper and other materials, make steam osmosis packaging, in order to achieve the appropriate level of sterile. Most of the medical institutions are following a strict disinfection procedures step by step, item must first remove any sediments and organisms, and must be cleaned thoroughly. And then with a small package or bag of these instruments. Continuous roll or 'volume' can also be from some manufacturers. Common high pressure sterilization items include syringes and catheters, reusable instrument and gauze dressings. Even disposable items are wrapped up in order to ensure the integrity of the health. Disinfecting bag is also called 'can peel bag', because they are the clear plastic film, can easily back off from its plastic paper. Must follow high pressure sterilization procedures, to ensure that each project is correct disinfection. Sterilization device can't be stacked or overload the sterilization bags, must according to the sterilization bag manufacturers recommend the use of its products. Disinfecting bag also applied to other industries. Tattoo artist USES them to sterilize the needle, and body piercing equipment enter into a contract with manufacturers and provide a piercing gun and body jewelry disinfection products, veterinary clinic disinfection using oral and human medicine bags.
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