Sterile medical device packaging test method

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
Accelerated aging test guide, ISO15223 / YY0446 symbolic labels and information of medical equipment, GB/T191, packaging and storage icon ASTM F1608 is microbial barrier standard, GB/T 15171 is bubbling test, blasting, ( ASTM F - 1150 / ASTM F - 2054). The basic principle of sterilization bags sterilization gas sterilization factor size, but bacteria are half permeability. At the same time in order to design a reasonable system of medical device sterilization packaging, need the following basic principles: 'packaging' is part of the product: packing here refers to the sterile barrier system, because of the sterile barrier system failure means that the medical device products, and the potential risk of potential is bigger, because this kind of failure is often hard to find or easier to ignore. Therefore, for medical devices industry product development or technical design staff, to pay special attention to this, we should pay attention to product packaging design, because it is part of the product design itself.
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