Sterile gown to wear, and matters needing attention

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Sterile gown has a covered back type of gown, we talk about how to wear the sterile gown. 1. Prepare clean hands, and then take sterile gown, carry the collar filed a gown, let two cuff exposed out, gently toss up sterile gown, conveniently the hands and forearms into his sleeve inside at the same time. 2. Behind the neck and the tape back there will be a visiting nurse to help fasten. 3. After put on sterile gloves, loosen the belt in front of Rachel, let other put on sterile gloves personnel pass him the right belt, or visiting nurse with sterile holding forceps clamping, back around to the left, after aseptic belt is on the left side by the waist. After the sterile gown dressed, have the following parts of the body is sterile area: arm activity below the shoulder, waist chest, hands, forearms, left and right axillary line, back. Between surgery is the only one to wear sterile gown, dressed for sterile area, set aside a lot of space all round, parallel and stretched forth his arms, below the shoulder, don't think about outreach. Relevant tags: medical kits, sterile gown
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