Some of the common function of protective clothing fabrics is introduced the disposable protective clothing and applications

by:Huiya     2020-12-10
For zhongshan medical and health supplies co. , LTD. , you know? Today, zhongshan medical and health supplies co. , LTD. , the authors bring about protective clothing production material in detail, also let you know more about zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. 1. Anti-static fabric: anti-static clothing is flammable and explosive place shall wear protective clothing. Antistatic fabric is made of antistatic fibre blended. The conductive performance of Japan's 'static security guidelines' requirements, the durability of the fabric is strong, can be widely used in flammable and explosive gas, dust, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics industry workers wearing. 2. Of acid and alkali proof fabric: the fabric is suitable for wearing the operator of the long-term exposure to acid alkali, acid penetration time is long, high acid pressure, low and pickled puissant drop rate of good anti acid can, to the employees have very good protection function, widely used in chemical industry production of protective clothing. 3. Water &oil repellent fabric: use the fabrics production work clothes is suitable for the workers who touch frequently oil and water medium wear, has with oil immersion, water permeability, as well as good air permeability, moisture permeability, widely used in petroleum industry, machinery manufacturing, maintenance, sanitation systems, food processing and other industries. 4. Easy fabric: the biggest characteristic of easy fabric is to prevent in use process not easy with oil pollution, once stained, under normal conditions easy decontamination capability, also easy to wash. As a result, the easy to sort out the fabrics of protective clothing, protective clothing production material very frequent contact with mineral oils and animal and plant oil work environment for the production of overalls. You will probably want to know: medical protective clothing, dress is medical personnel assignment, blocking bacteria and harmful ultra fine dust, acid, salt solution, adhere to the clean environment. Choose PP ( Polypropylene, accounting for 62% of the total) Non-woven material, coated with special protective clothing breathable membrane, permeability is strong, anti-static; Better prevention, soak in a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high resistance to impact. Mechanical properties of strength, quality of a material soft and comfortable. No combustion, non-toxic, no impact, harmless to skin. 1. Appearance wet resistance protective clothing outside touch water level should be not less than GB/T 4745 - Level 3 requirements in the middle of 1997. 2. Cracking strength protective clothing material's cracking strength should not be less than 45 n. 3. Cracking cracking elongation of elongation sample protective clothing material should be no less than 30%. 4. Filter power protective clothing for the oily particles will power is not less than 70%. The flame retardant function which has the function of flame retardant protective clothing chang to understand how to should agree with GB - 17591 1998 B2 in demand. 6. Antistatic property of protective clothing with power should not be greater than zero. 6uC。 7. Skin affect sexual protective clothing materials should have no impact echo 8. Protective clothing should fit the GB 15979 - microbial target Microbial target requirements in the middle of 2002. Symbol on the package 'sterilization' or 'sterile' or graphic protective clothing should be sterile. If zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , for all the 'protective clothing production material' to be of service, hope to be able to collect, if have what shortage of place, also hope you can point out to us, let us have more progress.
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