Selected medical cotton ball matters needing attention

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
A, to normal drugstore to buy. In the supermarket on the market have all kinds of brand clean cotton ball, the price differs a lot, some people might be keen on gaining petty advantages. But advise mothers do not covet is cheap to buy some informal brand cotton ball. Because of the good and evil people mixed up in the market, there are some inferior cotton ball, raw material use similar 'dirty' the foul after bleaching of cotton production, cotton for neat appearance but also with white latex, production site simply can not meet the hygiene standards, with this kind of material can not meet the standards of health and poor quality cotton swab to wipe the body, not only cannot have clean effect, may lead to illness aggravating instead. So advise you mom to regular store trustworthy medical cotton ball. Second, the cotton quality. Made of cotton ball material should be cotton wool, medical absorbent cotton should be soft and elastic white fiber, no discoloration, stains and foreign body, odourless, tasteless. To pay attention to the whiteness of cotton, when buy medical absorbent cotton white should be not less than 80 degrees. Three, see packing label. If buy tampons must pay attention to the packing sealing, and pay attention to the packing whether has the following logo: regular medical absorbent cotton on each small package should have the following logo: 1, manufacturing unit name, address; 2, the product name; 3, specifications; 4, sterilization methods; 5, sterilization failure year, month; 6 batch number, production date, or production; 7, packing damage banning the use of descriptions or identification; 8, one-time instructions or prohibit use identity again. 9, 'handle with care', 'can't stand the heat,' 'afraid of wet, stacking limit, such as words, mark should comply with the relevant provisions in the GB191. The words on the packaging and marking shall ensure that no ambiguous due to last longer. Relevant tags: medical kits
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