【 Select 】 Disposable gown in urinary calculi analysis _ what are disposable kits to use performance indicators

by:Huiya     2020-12-10
The development of many industries in their daily life and disposable gown is inseparable from, sometimes some within the industry sector has its own brand, today specially introduce you to zhongshan medical and health supplies co. , LTD. , a one-time gown in urinary calculi preoperative preparation before surgery must understand the bilateral renal function, infection with antibiotics to control infection. Patients with ureteral calculi before entering the operating room or on the operating table preoperative urinary plain radiographs taken as a calculus final positioning. Operation method according to the stone size, shape and different parts of the commonly used have the following several kinds of operation method: 1. Renal pelvis or sinus incision nephrolithotomy incision of the renal pelvis, take stones, antlers or calyces stones, sometimes must be made within the renal sinus calyces incision of the renal pelvis lithotomy ( Lithotomy package) 。 2. Renal parenchyma incision stone extraction for kidney stones is bigger, can't cut the renal sinus lithotomy, need to cut the renal parenchyma lithotomy ( Lithotomy package) 。 3. Renal resection of applicable to a very multiple stones ( Under the renal pole) , or in the expansion and drainage clogged in the calyces one-time, disposable gown in urinary calculi analysis can be a pole or renal calyx along with stones ( Lithotomy package) Shall be removed. More attention: 1. The square meter weight of nonwoven fabric is not less than 20 grams. 2. Kits components surface should be clean, should not have holes, foreign bodies, no stains and serious creases. 3. Sewing kits should be uniform, can not have gouges where whole pieces were missing and moldings evenly without seam. 4. Make the product sterile kits confirmed the aseptic process. 5. Ethylene oxide residues should be not more than 10 ug/g. For one-off kits can't reuse after use, use the right when you need to use, shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures used, the above is the author use performance indicators for your share of the disposable kits, hoping to bring help to you is outlined in the above points about 'what are disposable kits to use performance indicators', believe that saw the introduction of this paper, after some understanding of this area will also have their own, in view of the problems such as disposable gown after also can be a very good solution. Here, we recommend that you know more about the disposable gown, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , and other relevant information, hope to help you!
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