【 Select 】 Disposable gown important analysis of the operation _ what is the difference between disposable kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
The development of many industries in their daily life and disposable gown is inseparable from, sometimes some within the industry sector has its own brand, today specially introduce you to zhongshan medical and health supplies co. , LTD. , a one-time use of cesarean section surgery kits, disposable drapes material problem we have to know, that about 'gown for the importance of doctors surgery first is when to start the application'? Non-toxic sterile operation the whole process of requirement, this is to ensure that the patient's life safety and to make request. Surgical operation doctor before getting into the operating room will later enter, all armed isolated clothing, hats, masks, plus the disinfection process to ensure the operation of the whole process of non-toxic sterile. Hospital ordinary work clothes would include requirements for the doctor, neat and clean, cannot have a fancy design, color and so on, the purpose is to let the doctor this industry appear more professional. And the gown is more demanding, because doctors surgical operation, probably on a table is several hours, or even a dozen hours of surgery, disposable gown important analysis of the operation so long how to ensure that the doctor can work normally? More attention: disposable kits are mainly used in the operation, can save the doctor in the preoperative preparation time, enabling rapid treatment, more time for surgery for disposable kits mainly by macroporous single, surgery, cloth, table cloth, operating shelter vehicle cover, gown, hat, shoe covers, holes in the towel, single brush, plastic, plastic disinfection disinfection, disposable plastic tweezers, towel suture needle, sutures, laparotomy, rubber gloves, disposable. The macroporous single, surgical kits, cloth, table cloth, operating shelter vehicle cover, gown, hat, shoe covers, hole in towels, are made from nonwoven fabric as the main raw material through processing. Kits in the rubber gloves, check the gloves are made from natural rubber latex, sutures is made of natural silk and suture needle USES is made of stainless steel, plastic disinfect plate, disposable plastic tweezers, what is the difference between plastic disinfection of disposable brush disposable kits are made from poly (PVC, open towel is made of the absorbent cotton gauze processing. Outlined in the above points is about 'what is the difference between disposable kits', believe that saw the introduction of this article, in this respect will have their own understanding, in view of the problems such as disposable gown after also can be a very good solution. Here, we recommend that you know more about the disposable gown, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , and other relevant information, hope to help you!
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