Select a one-time surgery take what factors need to consider: what's the use?

by:Huiya     2020-12-10
In surgery doctor: why do you want to wear this, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know or understand relevant situation analysis, let you in addition to know zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know more about the industry! Medical non-woven fabric in the process of processing and wear, friction with the human and all kinds of object and electrostatic generation. If the electrical conductivity of the fiber or object is not good, hard to escape to charge, often affect the production and processing, lower the quality of fabric. Clothing in the static electricity are easy to stain and entangled with occur, causing human activity inconvenient, wearing uncomfortable, awkward, and even cause fire. The strength of the material with static electricity, can use charge half-life, namely the fiber material on the electrostatic charge attenuation voltage or to the original value of half the time required; Specific resistance of fiber can also be used to indirectly said. Large charged amount of various fiber roughly equal, but difference is very big material attenuation of electrostatic surface specific resistance to a certain degree of surgery, disposable surgical clothing on the choice of material can prevent electrostatic phenomenon. Many people view: the whole process of operation for non-toxic sterile, this is to ensure the safety of the patient's life. Surgical operation doctor before getting into the operating room will later enter, all armed isolated clothing, hats, masks, plus the disinfection process to ensure the operation of the whole process of non-toxic sterile. Hospital ordinary work clothes would include requirements for the doctor, neat and clean, cannot have a fancy design, color and so on, the purpose is to let the doctor this industry appear more professional. Higher request for surgery clothing, because the operation procedure of the doctor, is likely to be on the operating table is several hours, or even ten hours of time, such a long time how to guarantee the normal work of the doctors can? If the disposable hand surgery doctor: why do you want to wear take medicine is just a casual clothes, doctors can work over ten hours? First wear up to the requirement of surgical suit no discomfort, secondly to make don't hinder the doctor for normal operation, after operation to ensure the absolute silence pollution-free; this is an important protection for patients. Hospital to the doctor's surgery take request actually far more than these, such as the doctor will not carefully operation suit to rub the outside the ground or other items that need to be replaced immediately. Such strict requirements is to ensure that the basic operation smoothly, and so on in the choose and buy of will find professional hospitals, superior authority of the manufacturer to custom make, the purpose is to safety. Above 'surgery doctor: why do you want to wear clothing' this content is about the introduction, after see our articles, if you are still interested to know more about, such as content, please click on view our product list.
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