【 Recommend 】 Disposable gown of _ introduce disposable kits to use different performance metrics

by:Huiya     2020-12-09
In the hope that we can to through the introduction of this article, from different aspects such as content of disposable gown has certain knowledge and understanding, the following will follow zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. Look at some of the related content abstract with the experts of if the gown is just a casual work clothes, the doctor can always work over ten hours? First wear up to the requirement of surgical suit no discomfort, secondly to make don't hinder the doctor for normal operation, the operation take to ensure that the absolute quiet, no pollution, it is important to the patient protection. Hospital actually far more than these to the doctor's gown requirement, such as the doctor will not carefully operation suit to rub the outside the ground or other items that need to be replaced immediately. Such strict requirements is to ensure that the basic operation smoothly, and so on the choose and buy of gown will find manufacturers custom-made surgery hospital disposable, of different type of disposable gown surgery doctors to the importance of safety. You may prefer this article: 1. The square meter weight of nonwoven fabric is not less than 20 grams. 2. Kits components surface should be clean, should not have holes, foreign bodies, no stains and serious creases. 3. Sewing kits should be uniform, can not have gouges where whole pieces were missing and moldings evenly without seam. 4. Make the product sterile kits confirmed the aseptic process. 5. Ethylene oxide residues should be not more than 10 ug/g. For one-off kits can't reuse after use, use the right when you need to use, shall be carried out in accordance with the procedures used, the above is the author use performance indicators for your share of the disposable kits, hope can bring you help 'disposable gown of different' described in the content, is the author of our carefully prepared for you, do you remember what I said in a previous Posting? Some of these are probably not comprehensive, we will be in a future article suggests one by one to you
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