Purchasing medical gauze piece needs to know which little common sense

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Purchasing medical gauze piece needs to know which small common sense of medical gauze piece is used often by the medical health supplies, can be effective in treating a wound dressing, is operating table necessary medical material, also have a lot of use in our daily life, can be used when the towel, handkerchief, etc, have a child, is also home to prepare something, for a rainy day. To pay attention to the time when buy: ( 1) Early to see the finished product packaging and product specifications: finished goods generally there are two ways, one is sterile way, the other is a sterile way. Request product manual or product packaging factory is sterile or non sterile way. ( 2) Aseptic packing of medical gauze can be used directly, and the way in a sterile gauze packing must be by the methods of high temperature and high pressure steam or ethylene oxide sterilization rear can use. ( 3) For medical gauze with sterile packaging, packaging logo must specify the sterilization shelf life or production date, batch number, packaging damaged disable descriptions or logo, one-time instructions or prohibit use identity again. If found damaged packaging or over the period of validity, no longer buy or use. ( 4) Buy medical gauze is to see the appearance of the product. Products should be soft, odourless, tasteless, colour and lustre is pure white, does not contain fiber and other processing material, should not be in the ultraviolet light show strong blue fluorescence. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece factory, medical gauze piece of manufacturer, medical gauze piece price
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