Public hospital performance evaluation change: medical equipment and disposable medical consumables usage is included

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Reporter learned yesterday from the city planning commission, to cope with health care reform, strengthen the supervision of public hospital economic management and economic, this month since 119 in downtown two levels of public hospitals will begin to economic management performance evaluation, large medical equipment services, services and other fixed assets for the first time in the hospital for examination and assessment of the scope. Once a month, for examination and assessment of the results will affect the hospital financial subsidies, worker total wages and dean to appoint or remove, rewards and punishments, etc. , will also be supervision and provide clues for medical behavior. In may this year, on the basis of the comprehensive performance evaluation of public hospitals, first launched in the provinces in the country to the city public hospital economic management performance evaluation. Through the qualitative and quantitative indicators, evaluation of hospital economic management ability, process and result. According to 'Beijing public hospital economic management performance evaluation index system of ( The 2017 version) Will be on 4 categories, 18 quantitative indicators for the hospital grade evaluation. Scope of assessment for the Beijing area, two levels of all kinds of independent accounting of the public hospitals, including comprehensive hospitals, Chinese medicine, such as hospitals, nursing homes, not including basic medical and health institutions, a total of 119 hospitals. North green news reporter noticed, such as 'cost of millions of human services', 'millions of fixed assets services', 'millions of special equipment services' for the first time in the hospital performance appraisal system, reflect the human cost, fixed assets, every one million yuan services provided by the professional equipment, these are the main public hospital public resources, assessment of hospital in the resources use efficiency. Services from high to low rank and high rank score. But this does not mean that the professional equipment use, the better. In addition to the above three indicators, and included in the evaluation of this time all expenses, discharged patients cases all expenses, etc. , in order to control the patient's treatment costs, these indicators are the lower score is higher. 'If the same two hospitals, at the same level in the same difficulty of disease diagnosis and treatment, there is no special circumstances, have the cost of the larger gap, so it is very likely not standard medical behavior. 'The city health development planning commission, deputy director of the Zhong Dongbo of north green newspaper reporters. After the reform, great changes have taken place in public hospital compensation mechanism, also brought some changes in medical practice. 'The process whether there is no standard medical behavior? These changes can be reflected in the hospital economic management performance. 'Zhong Dongbo said,' for example, after cancel the drug addition, whether there will be a hospital alternative to increase the use of consumables, to increase the economic income, we set the indicators can measure the impact of these actions. 'In the 2017 edition of indicators, each discharged patients consumables cost rate of change is one of them. The index can reflect the changes in each hospital patients may charge cost of raw materials, to guide hospital control material cost, reduce the financial burden on patients. If the cost in time, material ratio increases, the cost of the points on the hospital. Zhong Dongbo said, through economic management performance evaluation on the scent of medical behavior is not standard, will be handed over to supervision department of medical administration for further verification. Relevant tags: the disposable mat, medical apparatus and instruments, disposable medical consumables, medical gauze piece
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