Protective clothing to wear to take off the process

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Wear protective clothing that the process wear protective clothing ( The disposable protective clothing, for example) Step 1: wash your hands. 1, in the flowing water, make get wet hands full. 2, evenly apply adequate amount soap to the palms, the backs of your hands, fingers and fingers. 3, 1 - referring to the following figure Step 6 six washing serious rub your hands together for at least 15 seconds, wash your hands should be paid attention to all skin, including mean back, fingertips and fingers. 4, thoroughly rinse hands in flowing water, using a disposable paper towel dry, apply adequate amount to the hand skin. The induction faucet use disposable tissues switch bibcock. Six steps washing step 2: disposable isolation cap, hands out of touch with face when wearing a hat. Ms 1, prior to the brain and hair done in a bun, comb bang up. 2, will cover in the head after hat by the forehead or brain, try not to let a hair appear. Step 3: wearing N95 mask. 1, will face mask every 2 - fixed belt 4 cm, loose. Wear protective clothing, one hand hold 2 masks, wear masks, another hand will mask straps on the top of the head and brain respectively. Article 3, press the mask edge metal masks for your face. Wear protective clothing 4, check the mask sealed under specific such as: light by the mask, take a deep breath. To exhale gas from mask edge, inhale masks the central slightly concave. Common errors: wear protective clothing the third step: disposable isolation cap, hands out of touch with face when wearing a hat. Ms 1, prior to the brain and hair done in a bun, comb bang up. 2, will cover in the head after hat by the forehead or brain, try not to let a hair appear. Step 4: wear protective clothing. 1, open the protective clothing, check whether the damaged, unzipped. 2, right hand holding the couplet of protective clothing hat, sleeves, at the same time, seize the protective clothing zipper waist openings, avoid contact with the ground. 3, to wear the clothes, to wear coat, then zip to the chest, then conjoined cap buckle on the head, after all the zipper pull, sealing slide fastener. Check the face mask and protective clothing part closure. Step 5: wear goggles. 1, a handheld mirror body, put goggles at the eye; 2, another hand tied elastic belt to the rear fixed head, make the edge of glasses and mask tightly bound as far as possible. Note: 1, hands out of touch with the face; 2, check whether facial and exposed area. Wear goggles diagram to wear protective clothing step 6: a first layer of disposable latex gloves, protective clothing sleeve cover on the latex gloves. Put the second layer latex gloves, Disinfection staff wear their rubber gloves) And the cuff of protective clothing and gloves. Step 7: wear their rubber shoes or disposable protective covers. 1, if choose to wear their rubber shoes, protective clothing will bottom cover on the outside of the rubber boots. 2, such as protection from wear disposable shoe covers, protective clothing snap into the shoe covers. Step 8: check each other protective clothing. Enter the scene before other prepare all players will disinfection cotton bag, yellow dirt bag, disinfectants and disinfection disinfectant, ethanol barrel, MATS in place ahead of schedule, prepare the pollution area after use. Good disinfection staffing 500 mg/l chlorine disinfectants. Inspect the site of the atomizer is working correctly, disinfect form, pen, meter scale is installed. Epidemiological investigation personnel check carry survey form, pen. Inspection staff member check whether need to carry the lift check items carefully. Enter the field of main work in the first place, by disinfection personnel before, and disinfection out a 1. 5 meters wide channels, disinfection while into foci area. Flow adjustable personnel according to the requirements of cholera epidemiological investigation, ask the patient about it. Inspection personnel on-site patients vomit, feces samples, and make the code, registration, specimens preserved in cold storage bags back to the lab for testing. Disinfection team terminal disinfection on a patient and his family. Objects of different disinfection methods for different pollution. Such as: floor, walls, doors and Windows, indoor air, clothing, bedding, books and newspapers, paper, patient excreta and vomit, tableware, fruits and vegetables, household items, the patient body, transport, garbage and sewage, etc. Left the scene when the main working team will use survey, registration form with a pen into the plastic bag, seal to return after disinfection treatment use. Wearing gloves in 500 mg/l chlorine disinfectant soaking, washing hands for 3 minutes. The first step to take off the protective clothing: remove the protective goggles. Seize the outer edge on one side of the protective goggles, protective goggles, to avoid scratch mirror, can put protective goggles in the sealed bag into the first disinfection cotton bag, wearing gloves use ethanol disinfectant washing hands 3 ~ 5 minutes. Be careful not to come into contact with the face. Step 2: take off the protective clothing. Solve sealing strip, gently pull zipper, remove protective cap part first, then the outer layer of gloves and separation, let the outer gloves and sleeves together after take off, grasped protective clothes inside, to face the pollution of protective clothing, collar and hem volume to the central, gently to the flesh. Relevant tags: medical protective mask
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