Postoperative treatment considerations

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Postoperative treatment considerations in order to avoid patient outpatient surgery wound infection, to ensure the primary healing of wound, most of the bandage the wound should be 1 - 2 times. Generally the wound, such as double eyelid surgery, resection of pouch, hump nose, raised eyebrow, moles resection, resection of scar, postoperative treatment (a day Surgery on the same day, for 24 hours a day) 。 First open compression bandage dressing, clean XieJia with hydrogen peroxide solution, avoid hydrogen peroxide into eyes, stimulate the cornea, and then use brine tampons clean the wound, the final daub erythromycin eye ointment. Facial wounds in the bandage after 24 hours, can expose the wound, as long as you keep the wound clean and dry. Special wounds, such as body odor removal, deputy mastectomy, must compression bandage over 48 hours, postoperative 2 - 3, dressing change, change dressings, observe the wound presence of redness, due to the surrounding skin pores is rich, easy to sweat pollution dressings, switching to the first clean XieJia with hydrogen peroxide solution, and then with 75% alcohol cotton ball clean the wound and surrounding skin, wound with vaseline oil gauze covering, plus a gauze, the outermost used pads to protect, prevent clothes cut ceng. Wearing tight or too thin clothes will affect blood circulation and wound healing, so the postoperative should wear loose clothes. Emergency surgery, according to the surgical site and the size of the wound, postoperative 1 - 2, dressing, and observe whether any unexplained fever, pain, bleeding, drainage, such as wound without exception, take out stitches until after a drug may be substituted. There are patients ask: whether can after hospital treatment at home daily cleaning with salt water, daub erythromycin eye ointment? In fact, this kind of practice is wrong, for dressing change too frequently to pull, stimulating the wound, will lead to the wound to heal, to extend the time of healing, such as daily daub eye ointment can make the stitching is not easy to discharge the secretion, pus point. So as long as you keep the wound clean, dry, basic can be primary healing. This is my accumulated in practical work, summarizes some matters needing attention, provide the reference for the patients. Relevant tags: one-time medical treatment package
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