Pay attention to dental health

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Today we are going to solve the problem of Internet users, the standard answer is: cleaning is a must. What, then, the teeth, why must be washed? What's on the teeth? Dental plaque, is actually in the teeth surface can't be water rushed to a layer of bacterial biofilm, it is all teeth diseases such as the chief culprit of tooth decay, periodontal disease and bad breath. Plaque at ordinary times is invisible, will only put the plaque indicator color left another is my teeth, dental calculus is milky white at first, but slowly as gum bleeding, such as alcohol, tobacco or coffee habits become dark brown left my teeth are small but the harm is great, if not, keep clear of in time can destroy the periodontal began when swollen gums bleeding, but time grows alveolar bone will 'inflammation', and then cause bone loss, just like the relationship between the tree and the tree roots left and remove my teeth cleaning is one of the means, so the importance of cleaning is self-evident. What is the principle of cleaning? Cleaning is a doctor by ultrasonic vibration of high frequency, high energy through the smooth work of ultrasonic machine head of the dental calculus, tartar very well on the surface of the teeth break, then spray produced by clean governance machine washed down the gravel, the plaque. At the same time must cooperate with manual clean governance, as well as cleaning after polishing. General tool as long as a doctor and gestures are correct and soft, almost no pain cleaning. But it is important to note that people with heart pacemaker can't ultrasonic tooth! Really get bigger cleaning his teeth? The accumulation of plaque and the gum inflammation can make gum swelling tamponade, after cleaning in the tartar, gum swelling fade, so will feel teeth seem larger. But actually it is teeth looks like it is not my teeth cleaned. Facts without cleaning, dental calculus cause periodontitis can make loose teeth, teeth can grows instead. There are traps for cleaning? 1, cleaning teeth whitening? Teeth cleaning can restore the original bright whiteness, smoothness and cleanliness, but not teeth whitening, whitening teeth white is the best way to slim the whole porcelain veneers. 2, cleaning can cause the teeth to sensitive? Remove tartar make teeth suddenly exposed in the environment of 'stranger', can not adapt to, but not sensitive caused by cleaning. Within a week after cleaning to avoid overheating too cold excitant food, 5 - 7 days, nature will resume. 3, cleaning could damage the teeth, and cause the teeth to become loose? Dental plaque, dental calculus, if not treated, it will develop into periodontitis, will cause the teeth to come loose, cleaning can protect teeth. 4, cleaning of enamel? The hardness of the enamel is about four times the left and right sides, bone generally used in the cleaning equipment has no damage it, let alone cleaning using ultrasonic vibration. How to protect teeth? In addition to the regular teeth cleaning, daily oral health maintenance are especially important, it should be how to protect teeth? 1, the proposal chooses professional brands toothbrush, and replaced every two months or so, and toothpaste should have more brand a mixture of many varieties. 2, master the correct method of brushing your teeth — Pap method of brushing your teeth, because of plaque accumulation time is 12 hours, so the number of brushing your teeth at least twice a day. 3, tooth adjacent clearance of the total area of about 30%, the bacteria inside even more than a cockroach on the leg! Toothbrush is unable to be here, need to use dental floss, brush my teeth and washed his teeth. 4, for periodontal disease, such as mouthwash to ease slightly swollen gums, bleeding patients. If you have a bleeding, bleeding gums or brushing your teeth will note may be gingivitis, if not timely cleaning, may become irreversible periodontitis, and even cause other diseases. So be sure to pay attention to dental health, the cleaning cleaning oh relevant tags: surgical masks
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