Packing bags of disinfection sterilization technology

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
As consumers of food packaging and preservation of the demand is higher and higher, to improve food packaging in order to prolong the preservation time of fresh food has become an important problem facing numerous manufacturers. Currently, sterile packaging in the food industry in China is the most popular, its application is not limited to fruit juices and juice drinks, are also used in packing milk, mineral water and wine. Common sterilization methods include: 1, the instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization technology of instantaneous ultra high temperature sterilization is refers to the food in an instant when heated to high temperature sterilization. UHT sterilization method of temperature 135 ℃, - 145 ℃, 3 seconds to 5 seconds spores can be completely kill microorganisms. Ultra high temperature instantaneous sterilization can be divided into direct heating UHT method and the indirect heating UHT method. 2, pasteurization technology pasteurization technology to fill in the food packaging container and seal, in a certain period of time to keep the temperature lower than 100 ℃, kill bacteria in the container. Pasteurized can kill most pathogens, and corruption of the pathogenicity of the metamorphic and kill ability is not enough, if storage means such as pasteurized together as part of the shelf life requirements. 3, ohm ohm sterilization sterilization technology is through the electrode current directly into liquid containing particles, using the dielectric properties of the food itself, make electrical energy into heat energy and heating food. 4, resistance heating UHT sterilization resistance heating UHT sterilization is based on the most free formula contains dissolved salt ions and good electrical conductivity. According to ohm's law, current is the continuous flow of material within the scope of the food by heat conductivity uniformity and food retention time in the electric heater uht system directly heated
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