Packing and unpacking of medical kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
Medical kits is a kind of applied to products in the healthcare industry. In medical kits, it is mainly in order to save the doctor's time and preparation, and can carry out immediate treatment. At the same time, the use of medical kits to add more time to surgery, and to buy time for the patient. Medical kits packing and unpacking method is as follows: the kits packaging: the content of the medical kits, different types of surgery varies ( Shortage of) , kits have foreskin on the second floor, each layer of wrapping is made from white cloth on the second floor. Put the equipment into the inner sheath, at the same time in a packet of sulfur iodine examination paper or a sterilization effect, according to the square or rectangle, then use the outer bag bag with tape after good, general specification for the 55 cmx33cmx22cm. Kits unpacking: by visiting nurse will medical kits belt, open one of the most outside wrapping Angle at the same time, the second of three Angle with disinfectant immerses sponge clamp opening, to open the second layer. Check the sulphur powder melt or not or test whether meet the requirements. Pay attention to in the process of unpacking, hand don't touch the foreskin interior surface, cannot by hand to get more things. Medical instruments within the kits, gown, such as towel single treatment are sterile items, put on sterile gown and glove only behind the gloves can hit. Relevant tags: medical kits, sterile gown, sterile gloves
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