【 Original 】 The disposable gown in urinary calculi introduce _ the important embodiment of disposable gown for surgery

by:Huiya     2020-12-08
In different this one-off gown for the operation of the important aspects, zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know or understand the relevant situation analysis, let you in addition to know zhongshan medical health products co. , LTD. , know more about the industry! Disposable gown in urinary calculi preoperative preparation before surgery must understand the bilateral renal function, infection with antibiotics to control infection first. Patients with ureteral calculi before entering the operating room or on the operating table preoperative urinary plain radiographs taken as a calculus final positioning. Operation method according to the stone size, shape and different parts of the commonly used have the following several kinds of operation method: 1. Renal pelvis or sinus incision nephrolithotomy incision of the renal pelvis, take stones, antlers or calyces stones, sometimes must be made within the renal sinus calyces incision of the renal pelvis lithotomy ( Lithotomy package) 。 2. Renal parenchyma incision stone extraction for kidney stones is bigger, can't cut the renal sinus lithotomy, need to cut the renal parenchyma lithotomy ( Lithotomy package) 。 3. Renal resection of applicable to a very multiple stones ( Under the renal pole) , or in the expansion and poor drainage operation within the calyces, disposable gown in the embodiment of the urinary calculi can be a pole or renal calyx along with stones ( Lithotomy package) Shall be removed. More people like to: a one-time use of cesarean section surgery kits, disposable drapes material problem we have to know, that about 'gown for the importance of doctors surgery first is when to start the application'? Non-toxic sterile operation the whole process of requirement, this is to ensure that the patient's life safety and to make request. Surgical operation doctor before getting into the operating room will later enter, all armed isolated clothing, hats, masks, plus the disinfection process to ensure the operation of the whole process of non-toxic sterile. Hospital ordinary work clothes would include requirements for the doctor, neat and clean, cannot have a fancy design, color and so on, the purpose is to let the doctor this industry appear more professional. And the gown is more demanding, because doctors surgical operation, probably on a table is several hours, or even 10 hours, such a long time how to ensure that the doctor can work normally? Above 'different' disposable gown for the operation of the important content is introduced by introduction about disposable gown, see our article, if you know the disposable gown, one-time non-woven gown, and more content, and interest, please click on the list one by one to see our products.
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