Operation of small common sense

by:Huiya     2020-12-06
In the process of clinical, whenever a splash, splash, spray and blood or aerosols, oral surgeons, surgery must wear a suit. Take surgery should be long sleeve to protect the wrist and forearm. They should also cover the trunk from the neck to the knee, and wrapped in behind, in order to prevent the pollution. Wear work clothes for comfortable and professional purposes, clinical, and laboratory coat or jacket do not use the ppe material. Surgical suit belongs to the second category of medical equipment, disposable or repeat use. Aperture size influence blood and water repellency of the fabric permeability, and is conducive to the operation performance. No matter what is the material used in the manufacture of surgical clothing, they must be able to resist penetration of liquid and microorganisms. Oral health institutions should provide different size of the operation, to ensure that all staff have the right coverage. Between patients with disease, should be replaced when blood or OPIM penetration should be replaced as soon as possible, and replace before leaving the patient care areas. Surgical clothing should be to avoid air pollution, environment, patients and medical staff of contact surface. Used a one-time or reusable protective clothing in the designated container isolation with pollution.
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