Operating room is how to carry out the sterilization surveillance?

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Operating room is a high-speed operation department, every day will use a variety of surgical instruments and materials. If these sterilized surgical instruments and goods complete, may cause iatrogenic infection, thus affect the surgical patient safety. Since the operation items of sterilization is so important, the operating room and how do know that these items had been a complete sterilization? They are how to monitor the sterilizing effect of surgical items? Today, let me guide you to learn together! Operating room sterilization monitoring including physical, chemical and biological monitoring. A, the physical sterilization process monitoring is monitoring surgical instruments and high pressure steam sterilization in the temperature, pressure, time required. 2 1, package, sterilization process of chemical monitoring chemical monitoring: namely using chemical indicator, directions such as tape, labels, etc. Paste it on each sterilization items outside the package, can determine whether the parcel after sterilization process. When the tape into a uniform dark brown or black, and there is no loose can release, chemical monitoring package unqualified sterilization items are to be eliminated. 2, chemical monitoring package: the package instruction card, it can know whether meet the requirements of sterilization in the parcel. Show the sterilization agent have penetration package general color full time consistent with biological indicator ( 121℃8- 12 minutes) To both can display temperature, and time can indicate temperature of chemical indicator card into each stay central sterilization items pack. Color change to the prescribed requirements, the package can be thought of sterilization. Bags of chemical monitoring unqualified sterilization items shall not be used, and should be to improve the analysis of reasons, until the monitoring results conform to the requirements. Three, the sterilization process of biological monitoring is through standardization of strains, Fat thermophilic bacillus spores) To review the entire load whether meet the requirements of sterilization and qualified. Biological monitoring is the only verify the sterilization effect of directly with microbial monitoring method, is also the most important monitoring methods reflect the sterilization effect. It simulates the actual process of inactivated, difficulty is more than the actual load, a combination of all of the sterilization parameters and can reflect the tiny failure, 10 - can be derived and calculated 6 levels of sterile, so biological monitoring is the gold standard for sterilization assurance and risk control. After physical and chemical monitoring through biological monitoring should be light continuous monitoring 3 times, before they sterilizer is used, should meet the requirements of GB18278 monitoring method. For small pressure steam sterilizer, biological monitoring should be loaded with continuous monitoring three times, after qualified sterilizer before use. Vacuum ( Including the pulsating vacuum) Pressure steam sterilizer should be tested BD and repeat 3 times, after the continuous monitoring of qualified, sterilizer before use. All positive spore is considered prompt sterilizer fault, the reuse of the sterilizer handling medical items, since the last time between negative result and the next satisfactory results for the biological monitoring, are considered is sterile and should not be recalled, the possible conditions to deal with. With these under control, believe that use in patients with surgical instruments are sterile, safe, ensure their success!
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