Medical treatment for you to explain the difference between medical gauze and bandage

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
Now on the market of medical items commonly used very much, when many friends buy their own sometimes can't distinguish medical gauze and bandages, have some friends in order to facilitate direct mixture of the two. In fact they each have their own purposes, manufacturers today to summarize some commonness and difference of the two, facilitate everybody recognize. 1, medical gauze and bandage material is the same as 2, medical bandage when use can not directly contact with the wound; 3, in medical bandage after sterilization, and medical gauze is treated with sterilization; 4, the most obvious difference is the shape is different, medical gauze is a few layers together, and medical bandage is a layer. Of course there are medical gauze bandage, medical gauze bandage is fracture of external bandage for orthopaedic patients, fixed a necessary medical material. When use, should we choose high quality medical gauze bandage, carried out in accordance with the correct way to bandage. When the wound a bandage, coil winding cannot too tight, because it will cause the patient's blood circulation, uncomfortable, will be conducive to recovery and wound healing. Believe that through the above introduction, everyone had more for medical gauze and bandages, later also won't worry about buying the wrong oh. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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