Medical teach you choose a high quality medical gauze piece? What is skill?

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Medical gauze piece is too common, so what kind of is better, more high quality? We'll get off from the following several aspects to judgment. Gauze piece of the company tenet is dedicated to each family to provide professional, safe and healthy products than traditional gauze piece more absorbent, thicker. Tips are tiny gauze, but requirement is very high, especially used in wound attach dressed. Don't use cheap inferior gauze piece, on the market recovery gauze piece comparison with us. Those seemingly soft, but reduce the density of the yarn count, thin, soft, using fluorescent powder bleach, not in dust-free workshop after high temperature disinfection gauze, absolutely cannot be used on the wound. The composition of the product to high density pure cotton non-woven + blotting paper, double glue, compared to the traditional sponge with suction, more thick, has a good vampire, liquid absorption and protection performance, soft, absorbent strong white. A category sterilization packaging products. Method of use product is mainly used for skin wound cleaning, stop bleeding and bandaging. 1, according to the size of the wound patients, select the appropriate sponge with specifications; 2, when using, please wash your hands, torn bags, with clean tweezers remove gauze; 3, gauze apply on wounds, and 4, also can be used as medical adhesive plaster infant saliva towel, face towel, or make up cotton products such as natural advantage 1, with 100% of high quality cotton, soft, white water imbibition is strong. 2, less fluffy, wireless head, reduce the risk of wound eyewinker stimulation. 3, do not contain fluorescent agent, non-toxic, no stimulation, no sensitization effect. Relevant tags: medical gauze piece
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