Medical sterilization packaging options

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
When it comes to the sterilization packaging, especially when medical self-styled sterilization bags, a lot of people buying decision is either based on price, or is based on the choice of the other, or a combination of both. Almost everyone thinks disinfecting bag is the same; But they are not. At present in the dental industry many sterilization bags in the healthcare industry is not acceptable, because they do not conform to the health care industry safety standards. You use disinfection sterilization bags for you to really understand how much? What should you know? What features is the standard? Why is that? Disinfection sterilization bags should be used in medical surgical kraft paper ( 37 - basis weight 42 pounds) 2 - and transparent Mil polypropylene/polyester composite membrane. Medical valve bag design should adopt double side and end face seal, the sealing must be glued on the paper and film at the same time; With sufficient width of the sealing strip and perforated folding, make it clean and uniform. If you are not sure of your current disinfection bag is valid, then give it a try. Sealed bag (with self-styled belt There is nothing) 。 Open the sealing, enough to fill half of the water. Leakage of water? If so, you now the bag is not very effective. This is due to the bad in the area of the sealing technology or due to poor quality. In all the bag sealing side, the seal should be the standard. This prevents edge after disinfection. No edge, means that at the time of storage bag, no place to collect dust. Open the bag from this end, any dust particles that may be in the region gathered will fall on the bag after open. Valve bag gap is also very important. Though not mandatory, but it is more desirable because it greatly improves the paper and the grasp of the film, the normally open the bag. From disinfection sterilization bags is the proper way to remove the contents will film separated from the paper, rather than through the film or paper promote the content, make content has not aseptic. When sterilization bag open, film and paper separation is extremely important. If the open mouth, mouth still clings to any part of the paper, the pollution of thought content, have to disinfect. Why is that? Has been attached on the paper film elements in air is exposed to daily, as long as the bag is saved after sterilization. Any contact with the film, is considered to be contaminated. In the medical industry, the film and the complete separation of paper is needed, and the dental industry is relatively don't know. This is why many sold to the dentist's sterilization bags cannot be sold to medical industry. Separation of disinfecting bag to test your quality, just put the film separated from pincer-like device paper, one hand holding the film, another hand holding paper, complete separation. If you have any film on paper, and then repeat the process with another bag. If you continue to leave any film on the paper, according to the quality of disinfection bag is questionable. No industry standard to measure medical valve bag. 。 The size of the available space is the most important thing. Measurements from the inner seal the inner seal available width, as well as from the end of the film to the length of the seal. These are the important data
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