Medical put what are the requirements for disposable kits

by:Huiya     2020-12-05
Doctors at the time of surgery, in fact, they use tools are fixed location. The tool and the safety and health problems are has a very high standard. Do you know how it is to put? The following is detailed to introduce for you. Disposable products kits will accord with the requirement of sterilization and convenient operation according to its use as a basic principle for put. We here is a brief introduction to the one-time suture package, for example. The earlier the blade is installed on the handle, The choice of the blade and handle according to the situation, please choose) , partition knives and scissors with gauze wrapped together, to prevent sharp instrument since poking out of the bag or cloth outside pollution caused by the cuts. Then the stitching around the top of the spool and the suture needle fixed, on which the lest lost. Want to separate organizations, check the wound, bleeding instruments should be closely after checking the involution. In the need to expand the wound is our used equipment should be carefully before use to check if it has defects, rusty phenomenon. There is the same item that is tooth forceps, it is to assist the suture the skin do a pull. Relevant tags: medical kits
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