Medical paper-plastic bag

by:Huiya     2020-12-11
A kind of high quality storage devices placed in a place called autoclave sterilization machine, where the high temperature steam pressure can kill the most stubborn of pathogenic factors. They are transparent side, perseverance, plastic fiber, to prevent perforation and tear, the other side is made of paper, so that steam can sink in, kill residual microbial medical tools. Like surgical instruments packaging, these storage box should have indicator, including indicator bag inside and outside the bag, it will remind you of any tear, tear or hole - — Even those things you might not see. Good bag could make you very easy to use, and can be easily to seal. Disinfecting bag should use lead-free ink, paper side should use the recycling process of paper making, in order to obtain stronger tear resistance. Buy health or level of hospital sterilization bags, can obtain the biggest effect, choose a good reputation of the supplier. For example we zhongshan packaging co. , LTD. In addition to using custom disinfection bag, you should also have a series with the forceps, brushes, scissors and other cutting and cutting equipment sterilization disinfectant. Wooden items such as nail file, and some brush should not be used by multiple clients, because wood has the ability of bacteria to carry by nature. Finally, you should education of your employees know the use of health tool and the danger, these tools are not properly sterilized before use. If the customer in a manicure or pedicure, beauty salon feel stabbing pain or pain when a common project, you should let customers immediately remind you, and take the corresponding preventive measures. Within the scope of the line of sight of customers open your medical disinfection bag, help customers to feel more relaxed when trimmed nails or hair. When you are in the correct procedure to do a health, clean project, more business immediately appeared in front of you!
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