Medical packaging material requirements and choice

by:Huiya     2020-12-07
Medical packaging should choose appropriate packaging materials and packaging method. Packing in addition to the associated with sterilization ways, also considering the sterilized items. This people has been a lot of research, on the market can also see a lot of kinds of medical packaging material. To understand the sterilization method and packing requirements, can help us to make the right decision when choosing packaging materials. Only specially designed for sterilization, and approved by the FDA, packaging materials can be used. Such as zhongshan packaging co. , LTD. , in 2017 the United States FDA certification, its products include sterilization biennial reel, steam for tape, sterilization packaging, tyvek pouch etc in addition to all kinds of sterilization in a certain way, and some of the following basic requirements: the pressure steam sterilization packaging materials must be tolerated ℃ - 121 The high temperature of 135 ℃, and the air discharge, water vapor penetration as well as packaging materials and the contents of dry; Ethylene oxide sterilization packaging materials must be allowed to ethylene oxide gas penetration and discharge ( Ventilation process) ; Dry heat sterilization packaging materials must be resistant to 160 ℃ - 2-3 hours The high temperature of 204 ℃, it doesn't happen to melt, burning or other response; Plasma sterilization packaging materials must be resistant to extreme vacuum, do not absorb the sterilization agent, does not affect the sterilization cycle, and treatment of sterilization items without damage. Besides choosing the right packaging material, we should also learn how to properly use the packaging materials, packaging materials in order to achieve the sterilization agent penetration, sterile barrier and sterile open design purpose.
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